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Why You Should Use a Pre-Made Branding Package

I've recently developed a small series of pre-made branding packages. All packages include a primary logo, two variations, a color palette, a business card design and all .eps files.

Here's why a pre-made branding package might be perfect for you.

Cost Effective

Custom branding projects can be costly when style guides, revisions and concepts are tailored to your needs. The primary elements in a pre-made branding package are designed to get you started and ahead of the game. Time is significantly reduced, resulting in a quality brand identity at a much lower cost.

Unique to You

Several of the Trenton Comm pre-made branding packages are only sold once. While it may cost more for a logo that is only sold once, you have a brand identity that is uniquely yours and will serve you for years to come.

Quick Turnaround

Custom branding projects can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks, but pre-made branding projects take 1-2 business days. Creating brands from scratch take significantly longer since multiple concepts are being developed. The concept phase is eliminated when it comes to the pre-made route. This means that you can move on to other parts of your brand, such as signage or a new website, much quicker than anticipated.

They Spark Inspiration

It's possible that some pre-made branding packages are exactly in line with what you are looking for, but may require further customization and we can work together to do that.


Take a look at my pre-made branding packages here.

I'm rooting for you,


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